US: Grab A Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Edition For $200

The Wii U is almost at the end of its life, but there’s a decent back catalogue of first party titles and the odd sprinkling of third party titles available for the system. If you’ve yet to pick one up then now could be ideal opportunity as Nintendo of America via eBay is selling the black 32GB Deluxe system for $200 with Nintendo Land. That’s $100 off the original recommended retail price.

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GameStop Begins Advertising Nintendo Switch

We haven’t really got too long to go until the Nintendo Switch launches so it is unsurprising to see marketing materials arriving at large gaming retailers. The latest store to receive Nintendo Switch promotional material is US retailer GameStop. No doubt we will get larger and more intricate displays after the Nintendo Switch event which takes place on January 12th. Check out the display, below.



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Super Mario Run Updated To Version 1.0.2

The immensely fun Super Mario Run on iOS has received a brand new update today bringing the family friendly game to Version 1.0.2. Sadly very little has been mentioned regarding what this update actually does. The patch notes just state that it improves various features in the game, which could be another way of saying here’s some bug fixes.

  • Implemented feature improvements.

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Nintendo Unveils New Guardian Artwork For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Nintendo has unveiled a new piece of artwork for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It depicts an intimidating Guardian that appears to have a vast array of weaponry at its disposal. You can check it out below. Guardians are enemies that Link will need to battle in the upcoming game, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is scheduled to launch next year on both Wii U and Nintendo Switch.



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Laura Dale Says That The Composer Of The Mario & Rabbids Crossover RPG Game Is Grant Kirkhope

Remember the rumors of that Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG game that is allegedly coming to the Nintendo Switch? Well, more developments have arisen. Laura Dale has spoken up with a few tweets on Twitter, where she says that she has “two sources” indicating that Grant Kirkhope is composing music for the game. She clarified that this is info straight from her sources and not a prediction. To add fuel to the fire, Kirkhope made a tweet teasing that he has a “super secret thing that can’t be talked about yet”. Nothing’s official, obviously, but it’s rather fitting that 2016 ends for Nintendo the same way it began: rumors about their upcoming console.





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Part 2 Of The Holiday 2016 Pokémon GO Event Has Begun

The second half of Pokemon GO‘s Holiday 2016 event has just begun, and it runs until January 8th. During the event, the Starter Pokémon of Kanto and their evolutions will be more common to find. Secondly, Lure Modules will also last 60 minutes rather than the usual 30 minutes. Lastly, three special Boxes can be purchased with coins that give a bundle of items. A Bronze Box contains 460 Coins, 100 PokéBalls and 8 Lure Modules. A Silver Box includes 980 Coins, 8 Incense, 8 Lucky Eggs and 8 Lure Modules. The Gold Box has 2480 Coins, 50 Great Balls, 25 Incense, 25 Lucky Eggs and 16 Lure Modules.


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GAME Claims Zelda: Breath Of Wild Is Coming In March

UK video game retailer GAME has started advertising the Nintendo Switch in its various stores located throughout the United Kingdom. Reddit user PMurphy1978 noticed the displays and kindly took a snap of one of them. What is interesting is that the large advertisement for the console states that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is coming out in March. This would tie in nicely with the Nintendo Switch release date which is March 2017. However, various insiders have mentioned that they have heard from their sources that the game has been pushed back until the summer. I guess we shall have to wait until the Nintendo Switch event takes place on January 12th.



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