Nintendo Account Website Gets An Overhaul With Added Features

You will be pleased to know that the Nintendo Account website has recently been updated with a number of newly added features. We now know that the Nintendo Account will work like your Xbox Live or PSN account going froward in that your purchases will be tied to your account on the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform. Here’s the two features you’ll be most interested in for the Switch.

  • Friend Suggestions: a feature that allows you to “easily connect with friends across multiple Nintendo Account linked services by providing friend recommendations in one service based on your existing friends in another service”. Thanks to this feature, you can easily find your friends in games you play, services you use, and consoles you own. You can search for specific services/games individually (Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes, for example). Naturally, disabling it doesn’t remove friends you added via this feature, just the suggestions.
  • Parental Control: we already know that the Nintendo Switch is going to get a dedicated smart device app for Parental Controls, but it looks like there will be another way to set up those controls… via the Nintendo Account website! This feature requires a Child Account, that was introduced in a previous update. The Parental Control tab allows you to do the following:
  1. Edit info for the Child Account
  2. Restrict spending on the Nintendo eShop
  3. Set up Age-Based Purchase Restrictions for the Nintendo eShop
  4. Edit various settings, such as Friend Suggestions (see above for more details), and Usage Information sharing.


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Author: codymkw

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