How Miyamoto And Aonuma Are Training Nintendo’s Next Generation

Game Informer are wrapping up their month of coverage for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and in doing so they learned how Mr Miyamoto and Mr Aonuma work and train with Nintendo’s younger generation of developers. In the video segment, which can be found on their website, the two explain that younger devs tend to follow trends and fads whilst the older equivalents at Nintendo don’t tend to do a great job keeping up with current game aesthetics. Miyamoto and Aonuma are both highly praised individual developers but they both agree that it’s imperative that the younger and older generations work together to make unique experiences.

Take a look below at some of the points raised:

  • Aonuma believes the younger generations are a bit more serious in some ways, which causes them to get lost
  • The older generation goes on instinct, and they teach the younger generation to trust instinct and go with the flow the philosophy of Nintendo has always been to be unique and different
  • Miyamoto tells the younger devs to think seriously about what they want to make
  • Aonuma wants younger generations to use the older generation’s point of view for reference
  • Whenever Aonuma finishes a game and shows it to Miyamoto he gets unexpected comments he could never have envisioned and these lead to new ideas
  • Incorporating those unexpected comments to create new ideas is important to Nintendo


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