Koizumi Talked About The Switch’s Initial Vision & Why Nintendo Doesn’t Focus On GPU Speed

Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi recently took part in an interview with Game Informer to promote the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch. Game Informer asked many questions, but two questions in particular stood out among the rest.

The first question was when Koizumi first started dreaming about the Switch and what the initial vision was. Koizumi responded by saying that “we are always thinking about new hardware, and we started working on this plan about three years ago. Since then, there have been a lot of discussions between our staff, and we tried a lot of different things. Nintendo’s concept of a social experience for the game systems we have developed in the past has been to provide a chance to play games together in your living room. To adjust that to the world as it is today, we decided that an unfettered experience that can be enjoyed anywhere would ultimately maximize the number of people who can enjoy our games and be the most fun, and so we decided on this design.”

The second question was about why Koizumi feels that GPU speed is less important than a console’s other features. Koizumi said that “for Nintendo, the axis of improvement for each new generation is the system concept. To make it possible to play a game system at home or on the go seamlessly, we had to take a different perspective and consider factors such as the battery usage of the ‘system on a chip.’ This is a different axis than simply improving processing power, so we selected design elements that fit the type of product we wanted to produce. This was definitely the case for Nintendo Switch.”


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