Nintendo Plans To Be “A Lot More Conservative” About Letting Indies On Switch

Damon Baker, head of partner management at Nintendo of America, has told Gamasutra that the company plans to be more selective about indies appearing on the Nintendo Switch. Baker says that Nintendo doesn’t want to open up the floodgates just yet which is surprising given the cheapness of a development unit.

“Right now we are being very selective about who we’re letting into the development environment, and through our portal,” he said. “Whereas with the Wii U and 3DS, we opened that up to everybody. I think our mentality was to cast that big net, [but] you’d never know when the next great piece of content was coming, or where it was gonna come from, or where it was going to permeate. This time around, we’re going to be a lot more conservative,” Baker said. “We don’t want to open up the floodgates quite yet.”


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Author: codymkw

Hey I am Cody I'm a huge fan of Nintendo love all their games favorite is Animal Crossing I'm the leader and founder of SGS & creator of Dark Miiverse umm so theres not really much else I can say about myself! ♥

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