Nintendo Switch Is “Almost As Far Behind The Power Curve Of Its Competitors As Wii Was”

Nintendo has yet to confirm the exact specifications of what powers the Nintendo Switch. However, according to IGN, the upcoming console is comparable to how Wii was when stacked against its direct competitors at the time – PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Similarly, the Switch is apparently far behind PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of power. An excerpt regarding this topic is as follows:

“At the time of this writing, Nintendo has not officially confirmed the exact specifications of the Nvidia Tegra-based chipset that powers the Switch. That said, it’s fairly clear that the Switch is almost as far behind the power curve of its competitors as the original Wii was when it first came out. For example, Breath of the Wild, which was developed simultaneously on the Wii U, seldom quite makes it all the way to 30 frames per second in TV mode, and it even dips far south of that when lots of particles or physics objects are on screen at once. That it suffers from these performance issues despite a lack of anti-aliasing does not bode well for the system’s long-term capabilities – or its prospects for landing ports of big-budget AAA games.

“The limitations of the cartridge-based media may be compounding this issue. Even the massive, sprawling world of Breath of the Wild is housed in a tiny 13.4GB file, and on a big, 1080p screen, it becomes fairly obvious that many of the textures have been heavily compressed. We can’t be certain if that’s a consequence of larger game cards being more expensive for Nintendo to manufacture or of limited video RAM on the Switch, but regardless of the cause the symptoms are noticeable. The art style hides it well in Zelda’s case, but this may be a concern going forward, especially for potential multi-platform ports.”


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Author: codymkw

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