Breath Of The Wild Developer Talks About Speedrunners

Breath of the Wild caught the attention of many speedrunners when it was revealed you could go straight to the final boss. Even though the game’s only been out for a week, there have already been numerous records made and broken. While you might think the developers wouldn’t want people rushing through their game and not appreciating their work, Breath of the Wild’s director has come out in support of this type of player. In an interview with Verge, Fujibayashi talked out how excited he is to see people racing toward the ending. Check out the full interview here.

V: Are you excited about what will happen when speedrunners pick this up and see what they can do with it?

Fujibayashi: We’re all looking forward to it, very much so. We’re really excited to see people who are able to figure out things we weren’t able to figure out. Because we made the game so that, even though you can do things that we weren’t expecting, it’s not a bug, it’s all part of the game mechanics and game logic. And once we decided to make it so that you could basically go to Hyrule castle after seeing it from the beginning of the game, we immediately thought, “Oh, we’re going to have to wait and see if someone actually figures out a way to do this.”


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