Zelda Breath Of The Wild Director Talks About The Games Which Inspired Him

Hidemaro Fujibayashi who is the director behind the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has talked with EDGE magazine about which games inspired him while making the first open world Zelda title. We already know that series producer Eiji Aonuma was inspired by games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so it’s interesting to hear which games inspired Mr. Fujibayashi.

“I was rather inspired by playing Minecraft and Terraria. I was able to learn from the gameplay and the possibilities found in. I could learn from the sense of adventure, exploration and how it inspired curiosity.”


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Author: codymkw

Hey I am Cody I'm a huge fan of Nintendo love all their games favorite is Animal Crossing I'm the leader and founder of SGS & creator of Dark Miiverse umm so theres not really much else I can say about myself! ♥

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