Character Designer For Yooka-Laylee Explains Why There Is A Decline In 3D Platformers

There’s no denying that the amount of good quality of 3D Platformers we get nowadays is nothing like what we got to enjoy a decade or so ago. There are some obvious exceptions to this rule however and it looks like Yooka-Laylee may be shaping up to be a good contender in the field. Character Designer, Steve Mayles, spoke to GodIsAGeek and provided his take on the reasoning to why we don’t see as many of these types of games as we used to:

GodIsAGeek: We could be seeing a comeback for the genre, with A Hat In Time, Crash Bandicoot Remastered and Yooka-Laylee. Why do you think this style of game died off?

Mayles: I think the market got very saturated in the late 90s with 3D stuff. As soon as we could do 3D, a lot of people did those sort of free-roaming open world platformers. There was a lot of them about. I think people got a little bit fed up with them. And also with the new technology coming in, new hardware that can do better graphics, people were eager to show that off – developers were eager to show that off – with a more realistic product that didn’t really fit in the cartoony world of the 3D platformer. For us, absence makes the heart grow fonder. If we tried this 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have got the response. But there has been that gap for so long that people have been crying out for another 3D platformer.

You can read the full interview here.

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