IGN Lists ‘100 Small Things That Will Blow Your Mind’ In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

While Nintendo proudly shows off the success of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild by telling the public about all the perfect scores it’s been receiving, IGN have taken it upon themselves to collate a list of 100 things that will ‘blow your mind’. The comprehensive list may contain some spoilers (I didn’t look through the whole list!) but it’s worth a glance just to see how much thought went into the game. There are some handy tricks in there that you may not of thought about or come across. Thanks to NeoGaf member Jmizzal, below is a spoiler-free taster with the other 90 points listed over at the IGN page here.

1) If you throw a rusty weapon at some Octoroks, they will suck it up and spit back out a cleaned, new weapon.

2) You can survive in cold environments without elixirs or warm clothes just by equipping a Fire Rod or a torch.

3) The temperature in the desert is lower in the shade than it is in the sun.

4) Killing animals in very hot or very cold climates will give you meat that’s already cooked or chilled instead of raw meat.

5) If you use boulders, Cryonis, or other tricks to lift or dislodge an old rusted guardian you’ll find more ancient materials underneath it.

6) If you befriend dogs at stables they’ll sometimes lead you to buried treasure chests.

7) If you feed your horse an Endura Carrot it will have more dash charges when you mount it.

8) You can ride a bear. And a moose. And a deer.

9) You can (very briefly) mount and ride a Lynel. They don’t like it very much.

10) You can ride an enemy’s skeletal undead horse.

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