Nintendo Solves Joy-Con Sync Issues With A Tiny Piece Of Foam

While not a problem for everyone, some Switch owners have been having trouble with their left Joy-Con desyncing with the console during gameplay. Recognising the issue, CNET did a bit of detective work and took photos inside the Joy-Con before they sent it off to Nintendo to be fixed. Nintendo has yet to publically address the cause of the problem, but it seems a tiny piece of foam placed inside the controller is enough to solve it. When CNET opened the repaired Joy-Con they found the only difference was a tiny bit of sponge next to the sensor. This certainly makes it seem like it was a hardware error causing the issue. Check out the pictures below and spot the difference.




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Author: codymkw

Hey I am Cody I'm a huge fan of Nintendo love all their games favorite is Animal Crossing I'm the leader and founder of SGS & creator of Dark Miiverse umm so theres not really much else I can say about myself! ♥

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