Miyamoto Intended Pikmin To Be Nintendo’s Next Mario

Miyamoto is known as the creator of some of gaming’s biggest franchises, including greats like Mario and Zelda. Pikmin is certainly among these incredible franchises, Nintendo releasing the first Pikmin game on the GameCube in 2001. In an interview with Gamasutra, a former Nintendo EAD member discussed Miyamoto’s vision for his new series. Motoi Okamoto worked for the company between 1999 and 2008, so saw the game’s development from beginning to end. According to Okamoto, Miyamoto intended Pikmin to be Nintendo’s “next Mario”. The legendary developer obviously wanted his new franchise to live up to his original masterpiece.

I understand what Miyamoto meant when he said “the next Mario is Pikmin.” Pikmin was his launch title for GameCube, and is now seen as one of his masterpieces. He’d created a great game with Mario, and was trying to again create the next big thing in games.


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Author: codymkw

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