Animal Crossing Speedrunner Completes Game In One Day

A Twitch user named Coldeggman has managed to complete the original Animal Crossing for the GameCube in one day.

By completion, this means he has collected all items, found all bugs, fish, fossils and gyroids, along with upgrading his house and Tom Nook’s store. On top of this, he also donated every possible item to the museum, collected all of the villager statues and built the town’s extra bridge. All in a grand total of 22 hours, 49 minutes.

Unlike recent iterations of the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing for the GameCube allows you to input codes to unlock some of the items, which Coldeggman used to help him along. The use of codes certainly doesn’t make it any less impressive considering the amount of effort it takes to do all of the above in less than 24 hours.

You can check out an archive of the speed run here.

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Author: codymkw

Hey my name is Cody I'm 27 and a huge fan of Nintendo I love all their games my favorite is the Animal Crossing series when I'm not playing games I love to watch anime also I'm the Leader/Creator of the Miraculous Ladybugs clan ♥ Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: 3ds Friend Code: 0645-5821-2438 Wii U ID: CodyMKW Switch Friend Code: SW-2549-4631-6600 AC Pocket Camp ID: 2671-2628-198 Fire Emblem Heroes ID: 4718228114 MKWii Friend Code: 0690-6537-7241 MK7 Community Code: 26-8478-6259-7164 MK8 Tournament Code: 2360-4199-2438 MK8D Tournament Code: 3500-7504-3371

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