Video: Here’s How To Unlock Gold Kart Parts In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

YouTuber Abdallah has still been busy uploading content that shows off Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, he is now beginning to show off unlockables that are in the game, such as gold kart parts. Abdallah doesn’t actually unlock the content in the video, but he does explain how to do it. In fact, he spends the vast majority of the video explaining it. Actual gameplay takes place later on with Abdallah showing a replay of a Ghost race as Baby Luigi, but he stops the replay after a little while. Nevertheless, if you want to learn how to unlock the parts, feel free to check out the video itself, as we’ve included it down below.


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Author: codymkw

Hey my name is Cody I'm 27 and a huge fan of Nintendo I love all their games my favorite is the Animal Crossing series when I'm not playing games I love to watch anime also I'm the Leader/Creator of the Miraculous Ladybugs clan ♥ Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: 3ds Friend Code: 0645-5821-2438 Wii U ID: CodyMKW Switch Friend Code: SW-2549-4631-6600 AC Pocket Camp ID: 2671-2628-198 Fire Emblem Heroes ID: 4718228114 MKWii Friend Code: 0690-6537-7241 MK7 Community Code: 26-8478-6259-7164 MK8 Tournament Code: 2360-4199-2438 MK8D Tournament Code: 3500-7504-3371

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