Breath Of The Wild Actress Had British Friend Help Her Practice Zelda’s Voice

Despite being from Canada, Patricia Summersett chose to audition as Breath of the Wild’s Princess Zelda using a British accent. In a recent interview with Nintendo Life, Summersett discussed how she settled on the voice and the help she received from a friend in the U.K. While she has received a mixed reaction from fans, the actress obviously put in a lot of effort into capturing the Hylian’s voice. Check out the full interview here.

As a North American, what work did you do to develop Zelda’s British accent in the game?

Prior to this game I studied in London for a Masters of Classical Acting. I’ve used RP (received pronunciation) onstage in performances such as Equus and various Pinter Plays while in London, and snippets in games, etc. Ironically, my British friend who I studied with in the UK was living in LA and helped me prepare for my Breath of the Wild audition. What I auditioned with was approved before the recording began.


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