Nintendo Talks About Splatoon And Its Sequel

One game that everyone is looking forward to on the Nintendo Switch this summer is the sequel to the mighty Splatoon. UK publication EDGE magazine managed to catch up with Splatoon 2 Producer Hisashi Nogami who has discussed a number of things including the popularity of the ink-based shooter as well as the new Salmon Run mode for the game.

Why Splatoon was so successful… 

“We felt that one of the biggest reasons so many people played Splatoon was because even at a glance it looked like a lot of fun. Even just watching over someone’s shoulder, looking at the screen while they play, you can tell what’s going on and know what you’ll need to do. It makes you want to reach out your hand and tell them to give you a turn. But of course, the real fun of Splatoon comes once you start. It makes you want to get better and to become a stronger player. I think that’s why so many players enjoyed the game. We’ve heard from people saying they’ve never been so engaged in a game since their childhood. We’ve even heard from parents who told us they’ve started playing after seeing their child play and became hooked.”

On the relative lack of new Splatoon 2 information… 

“We don’t want to go ham-fistedly giving out new information only to cause confusion. Instead we’d like to introduce things one by one, once we’re in a position to be able to properly convey them. In this new game, players will again be able to enjoy seeing the game grow and expand over time, while having fun with the new weapons and special weapons as well as the new modes and play styles. There’s plenty of value even for people who had the last game.”

Further details on the Salmon Run mode… 

“The higher the player’s skill level, the more difficult the missions they can challenge themselves to. The Inklings already work so well as action characters that we felt there was the possibility of further broadening Splatoon’s scope as an action game. We also wanted to add depth to the world that the Inklings inhabit. We developed Salmon Run with both of those aims in mind.”


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